Entry #1

What's a maneuvers?

2017-02-28 22:59:18 by STOOVRS

STOOVRS is a H I P and R A D I C A L cartoon dude who- yeah, y'know what? No. I ain't goin' there. No way. Anyway, I'm a guy who watched this website grow from being a simple website with flash animation to "hey check out this C O O L parody about Overwatch has this been done yet." Wow. Incredible. But don't you worry a thing! Because I'm here to somehow make this site worse than it was! I'm actually gonna try to animate!

*audience gasp*

Terrifying, I know.


Oh, and here's some cartoon that got banned from NG because it used Bubba Dub Bossa, that song you heard on Harvey Birdman. I mean, it's fair use, but whatever. I understand Mr. Fulp's decision.





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2017-02-28 23:18:01

"Fair use" isn't an exception anymore. Otherwise people would be allowed to upload ncs songs to the audio portal.

STOOVRS responds:

in their entirety? now that would be the complete opposite.


2017-03-01 21:17:51

You're gonna make this website worse? That's a tall order...

STOOVRS responds:

you have any idea how many pokemon go parodies i've seen last july? it's either real effort or more of the same joke. most of these people chose the latter.


2017-04-08 21:39:16

Sorry to say but the way you use the music in that video is not fair use.
Cute video nonetheless.

STOOVRS responds:


they said my response was too short


2017-10-05 23:04:05

There were a couple typos in my latest review for your toon. Please just ignore them.


2017-10-30 16:40:51

I scouted you.

You're welcome.


2017-10-30 16:41:17

On the audio portal, that is.