What's a maneuvers?

2017-02-28 22:59:18 by STOOVRS

STOOVRS is a H I P and R A D I C A L cartoon dude who- yeah, y'know what? No. I ain't goin' there. No way. Anyway, I'm a guy who watched this website grow from being a simple website with flash animation to "hey check out this C O O L parody about Overwatch has this been done yet." Wow. Incredible. But don't you worry a thing! Because I'm here to somehow make this site worse than it was! I'm actually gonna try to animate!

*audience gasp*

Terrifying, I know.


Oh, and here's some cartoon that got banned from NG because it used Bubba Dub Bossa, that song you heard on Harvey Birdman. I mean, it's fair use, but whatever. I understand Mr. Fulp's decision.